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6 Storage Tips for storing your children’s hand-me-downs

Keeping track of your children’s clothes, what no longer fits, what will fit another child, and what should be donated? This can all be overwhelming, complicated and time consuming. Here are some tips on keeping it simple, maintain-able, and compact as possible:

  1. Keeping it simple: Don’t over categorize by size, season, […]
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Tips for Dealing with Mumnesia

Have you become increasingly forgetful since becoming a mother? Don’t be alarmed, you’re in good company. Mumnesia, a.k.a. mommy brain, is a genuine medical condition that affects many new mums. You suddenly forget phone numbers, addresses and simple tasks, misplace items, have trouble concentrating and find yourself asking, “Why did […]

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Toy Storage

The holiday season is almost upon us. Having a home that is welcoming, clutter free, and comfortable can be quite a challenge when you have young children because of all the toys, dolls and playthings scattered around the house. So today I wanted to focus on how to get a […]

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Organizing your children for the summer

I wrote an article recently for Help We’ve Got Kids e-magazine (a great resource for working parents). With summer just around the corner this article is about organizing your children for the summer holiday. Here’s the link to the article:

And here’s the article:



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