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Tips for Dealing with Mumnesia

Have you become increasingly forgetful since becoming a mother? Don’t be alarmed, you’re in good company. Mumnesia, a.k.a. mommy brain, is a genuine medical condition that affects many new mums. You suddenly forget phone numbers, addresses and simple tasks, misplace items, have trouble concentrating and find yourself asking, “Why did […]

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Toy Storage

The holiday season is almost upon us. Having a home that is welcoming, clutter free, and comfortable can be quite a challenge when you have young children because of all the toys, dolls and playthings scattered around the house. So today I wanted to focus on how to get a […]

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Organizing an Emergency Kit

Here in Toronto we have had a lot of extreme weather fronts hitting us – mainly involving rain. Recently a month’s worth or rain fell in about 6 hours and as a result there was major flooding and blackouts. Where I lived had a black out for about 8 hours and in […]

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Mumnesia – Tips for overcoming New Parent Anxiety

As a parent, you may have experienced the panicky feeling before; suddenly you start forgetting simple things like names, tasks, phone numbers, addresses, or find yourself thinking “why did I come into this room?” And occasionally, a panicked feeling crosses your mind that one day birthdays and child-rearing memories will […]

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