How To Keep You Car Organized and Clean

Today I want to look at how to keep on top of car clutter and organization. The clutter that is building up in cars right now is… well Covid Clutter, and it’s adding to our stress levels.

In 2014, I was a spokesperson for the launch of the new Honda Fit here in Toronto. The Ad campaign for the car focused on not where the car could take the passengers (countryside, city driving, concerts etc.) but on the fun the drivers could have in the car with it stationary. The ad campaign did not focus on driving at all – the car was […]

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ASK AN EXPERT: How do I declutter my makeup drawer?


“I recently renovated my bathroom, and it looks great and I really love it except for my makeup drawers. I thought I had created enough storage space when redesigning it for my makeup supplies, but the two drawers (which is more than I had before) I have are an absolute mess and, honestly, I don’t know how to make it work.  I have tried organizing it, but it usually lasts a week before it is back to how it was before. I look forward to hearing from you and the solutions you come […]

Help is on its way! Free Professional Organizing

11 months and counting! Amid the stay-at-home orders and social distancing, we are all trying to maintain some sense of “normal”. We have had to transform dining rooms into virtual classrooms or workspaces, turn our bedrooms into meditation and “de-stress” spaces, our living rooms into playrooms. Most of the rooms in our homes are now functioning on two levels. For instance, our guest room is also a gym now.

Homes are no longer just places to relax and recharge, they are community centres, safe spaces, gyms, school rooms, art studios, and offices. There is a deep connection between an organized space and our mental health. And the current global health […]

Great Toy Organization Solutions for your home

I wrote an article on solutions for toy organization and storage some years ago, Nanny Robina also posted it on her site. I am going to revisit this article as I think it’s a good time with everyone still having to stay at home due to the current global health crises. The fallout from the virus has meant that families are now at home all the time; working, living, playing, remote learning, cooking, exercising, and sleeping.  11 months into the pandemic and though there is light at the end of the tunnel because of the vaccine, it is tempered by the fact we are not out of […]

Easy Step-by-Step Plan To Help You Declutter Your Home

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where or how to start with decluttering your home? Sometimes the most dramatic change you can make to your home — and you and your family’s mood — is decluttering so that the things you love, the features and style of your home, are displayed to their best advantage. When I ask clients what they want to feel in their homes, the most common responses are “peace,” “space”, and “pride”. Clutter keeps us from achieving these goals. Having an easy step-by-step plan for decluttering will help you avoid the overwhelm and take your home from clutter to clarity in no time at […]

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How To Start Decluttering

The global health crises has meant that we are all staying home and thus the clutter keeps building up in all the nooks and crannies around the house. Eventually, you will need to deal with it. How to start decluttering? It sounds such an easy thing to do, right? After all, it’s just clutter. But what exactly is decluttering? The dictionary defines it quite simply as; “To remove clutter from a room, an area, etc.” So, really all you have to do is simply remove all your clutter. Another dictionary describes decluttering as “to remove things you do not need from a place, in order to make it more […]

6 Storage Tips for storing your children’s hand-me-downs

Keeping track of your children’s clothes, what no longer fits, what will fit another child, and what should be donated? This can all be overwhelming, complicated and time-consuming. Here are some tips, for storing your children’s hand-me-downs that will help you in keeping it simple, maintainable, and compact:

Keeping it simple:

Don’t over categorize by size, season, and gender. It can quickly get out of control, becomes time-consuming to maintain, and takes up more storage. Not all sizes are equal, not all clothes are for one season only, and not all clothes are gender-specific. There is an enormous variety in sizing and fit in clothes. Have bins that encompass […]

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Getting The Family Organized In The Car!

If you have or are responsible for children you know how much comes along with them in a car! Having an organized car helps to ensure you have the essentials you need on a daily basis – no matter where you are or how long you are stuck in traffic.

Keep It Safe & Accessible

The most important issue with storage solutions for children in cars is that they need to be easily accessible, within reach, safe, sturdy, and flexible in how and where you can use them. You also want to minimize the potential hazard of hard projectile objects that can cause injury in the event […]

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Toy Storage Organization Tips

The holiday season is almost upon us. Having a home that is welcoming, clutter-free, and comfortable can be quite a challenge when you have young children because of all the toys, dolls and playthings scattered around the house. So today I wanted to focus on how to get a handle on all your toys before guests start to arrive and with them, even more toys.

There is so much to choose from organizationally, but the most common mistake parents make buying storage solutions, is purchasing before they know what exactly they will be storing, how much of it there is, and the actual size of the space you are working […]

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Moving, Packing, and Moving again!… part 5 – laundry

Two weeks into my minimalist life – four to go. And I am noticing some things that I miss and forgot to pack for this temporary move. I wish I had my ironing board and iron. I didn’t think I ironed much. I don’t. But… and this is just plain dumb on my part. The clothes I put aside for me to wear for 6 weeks? Well, a good few of them need to be ironed.

The other thing is that when you only bring a limited amount of clothes with you… well you end up doing laundry more often. And guess what? Yep, no washing machine where I am. […]

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