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Virtual Organizing for the Hybrid employee


Today, I want to talk about Virtual Organizing. What exactly is it? How does Virtual Organizing work? What are the benefits? And is it the right choice for you?

Initially, when the virus hit, I, along with everyone else, retreated indoors and bided my time till it passed. But it didn’t pass, and we all had to find new ways of working, of entertaining ourselves and living indoors with each other. We had to pivot without a road map of how or for how long.

Cable Management When You Are Working From Home

Today I will be talking about getting all the cables, gadgets or technology, organized on your desk. Specifically, your desk at home. Desk organization is a bit like housework; it’s a necessary inconvenience. Once you have finished, however, it feels damn good and almost therapeutic. Sadly, getting all your cables and technology organized on your desk is not as easy as vacuuming, it’s more comparable to cleaning your refrigerator. You will need to plan when and how you will do it and set aside enough time to complete the job. But remember, it will feel absolutely amazing once you have finished!


ASK AN EXPERT: Organizing Your Stockroom for Peak Efficiency

Are you running a home-based business and struggling with keeping your inventory accessible on organized? Is your storage closet impossible to keep organized? In today’s post, of Ask An Expert, France from Toronto has written to me because her storage closet for all her product and supplies is becoming a frustration to access and maintain. I am going to give you all my best tips and insights on making your stockroom organized and accessible in 3 simple steps.


I run a home-based business that involves selling product I create. I keep […]

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How To Keep Your Car Organized and Clean

Today I want to look at how to keep on top of car clutter and organization. The clutter that is building up in cars right now is… well Covid Clutter, and it’s adding to our stress levels.

In 2014, I was a spokesperson for the launch of the new Honda Fit here in Toronto. The Ad campaign for the car focused on not where the car could take the passengers (countryside, city driving, concerts etc.) but on the fun the drivers could have in the car with it stationary. The ad campaign did not focus on driving at all – the […]

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ASK AN EXPERT: Tips for Organizing Your Writing Ideas

Are you writing a book and struggling with finding enough space to lay out all your notes? Are you constantly losing important notes? In today’s post of Ask An Expert, Alex from Toronto has written to me because they are writing a book and living in a small shared apartment and need to find a solution for keeping all their notes on structure and plot together and laid out. You don’t need a lot of space or money to get your creative juices if you follow my 3 great suggestions.


I […]

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Small Home Office Organization

Today I am going to write about small home office organization. Covid19 has meant more people are having to work or study from home. What do you do if you don’t have a separate room for your home office? Working or studying from home is hard enough at the best of times. There are many distractions and potentially constant interruptions from pets, family, and doorbells. As a Professional Organizer, I have helped many entrepreneurs create home offices, creating workspaces that are efficient, productive, and organized. The home office needs to look good, feel good, and be somewhere they want to sit down and work in.

The […]

15% Discount – Spring Savings for the Entrepreneur!

The winter this year in Toronto simply won’t end. It was snowing the other day. Today I could hardly walk down the street the wind was so strong. And it really got me thinking. It’s hard to get motivated at the best of times but after 6 months of solid winter, it’s neigh on impossible. And yet the spring time is the perfect time to get your business back into shape.

Spring is a great time because it is a quiet time, the light is very bright but the weather is not too hot or too cold, and it’s the beginning of the year – so a fresh start if […]

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Part 2: Organizational Personality Types – Symptoms of the Piler

In my last blog I explored the different types of Organizational Personality Types. Today I am going to go a bit deeper and explore THE PILER.


As I said last time about the PILER: They don’t trust traditional filing systems, if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind and they worry they won’t find it again. So they pile.  THE PILER piles because traditional filing systems don’t work for how their minds organize information. THE PILER organizes chronologically not alphabetically. Also unlike the rest of us mortals “current” to a PILER can be up to three years ago! If they have a pile in […]

What is your Organizational Personality Type?

I have over 12 years experience working in business environments, helping organizations  with efficiency, company moral and productivity.

Specifically, busy professionals, parents and entrepreneurs call me when they want to be more efficient with their time, their processes and systems so that they can be more productive with less overwhelm. They want to be organized because they want their life back.

So why is it so difficult to organize our spaces?

The first reason is because we were never taught how to! Not in school, not in college, not at home. We may be taught how to tidy, how to clean but not how to organize.

The other reason is because […]


 In 1980 or there abouts when I was a teenager in Dublin, Ireland, my eldest sister, Jennifer, wanted to go to the University of London in England to do a Masters degree in ergonomics. There was nowhere in Ireland to study this and our only choice was London. But we could not afford it. So, together as a family, we researched all the big company’s in Ireland who had money and drafted a letter to them asking them to help send my sister to university. Because I had learnt to type by that point, I was elected to type the many letters to send to every successful […]

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