What is your Organizational Personality Type?

I have over 12 years experience working in business environments, helping organizations  with efficiency, company moral and productivity.

Specifically, busy professionals, parents and entrepreneurs call me when they want to be more efficient with their time, their processes and systems so that they can be more productive with less […]

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Time management – my top 4 tips on choosing the right system for yourself.

Are you're struggling with time, more specifically, the challenge with never having enough control over it and need to find a time management system? In my conversations with clients about solutions to time management issues, it’s the selection of the system (because there are a lot of choices out there!) that is the first stumbling block.

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A couple of my friends got the new Kindle as a gift this year. Wow, it really is a beautiful piece of  technology. My friend John loved his because he is a father and now he can put all his child’s books on the […]

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