Cindy Koistinen: Soprano

“I wanted to thank you again for yesterday. It was so incredibly helpful. I feel like now instead of everything floating around about my head, I can focus on what’s in front of me – it’s like having my feet on the ground finally!”

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Tom McGillis: Executive Producer, Fresh TV Inc.,

“Isolde came to my office to see if she could re-organize my filing system (none!). Now, instead of panicking ever time I need to locate a document, I just open a filing cabinet (since there is no longer any mountain of paper to scale) and find what I need within seconds! Her honest and straight forward approach was refreshing and has brought peace and flow to my creative and administrative work.”

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Barbara Lauer: Communications Director and Freelance Writer

“Isolde O’Neill is a rare person… multi-talented, skilled at organizing and a delight to work with, no matter the job. She made organizing my truly horrid basement a joy… and never let me feel guilty for a moment! If you need someone to help you shoulder the task of a junk room or out of control files, ask Isolde for help.”

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Patrick Crowe: President and Co-Founder Xenophille Media

“Isolde.. made it possible for me to think again, to plan and organize the three different businesss that I was operating. Isolde had… an intuitive sense of my business, my priorities and my models of thinking… Played an important role in the business migrating to a new level including a new office and a dozen employees.”

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Cynthia Gould: Graphic Designer, Spoken Word Performer, Painter

“Isolde sat down with me to chat instead of just telling me what to do. She listened with the intensity of a good therapist, figured out what system would work for me, what I would actually keep up with, and helped me to tweak the system until it was my own. To this day I’m still surprised sometimes when I know right where that important paperwork is!

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