In 1980 or there abouts when I was a teenager in Dublin, Ireland, my eldest sister, Jennifer, wanted to go to the University of London in England to do a Masters degree in ergonomics. There was nowhere in Ireland to study this and our only choice was London. But we could not afford it. So, together as a family, we researched all the big company’s in Ireland who had money and drafted a letter to them asking them to help send my sister to university. Because I had learnt to type by that point, I was elected to type the many letters to send to every successful […]

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Fundraiser: The Waladi Child Education Fund of Toronto

Getting It Together Organizing is donating a full day of organizing for the silent auction at this year’s fundraiser for The Waladi Child Education Fund of Toronto.

On Saturday 20th FebruaryThe Waladi Child Education Fund of Toronto will hold its annual fundraising gala commemorating its founder’s 60th birthday to raise funds for children’s education with a portion donated specifically to the children of Haiti this year. The Dinner and Dance will be held at Canada’s National Ballet School and will feature a performance by the Toronto All-Star Big Band and a silent auction. For tickets and Info: or 

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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for that special someone who has everything but nowhere left to put it.
Getting It Together Organizing’s Gift Certificates have always been a most popular gift. And they are great value too!

You choose the kind of organizing gift you would like it to be. Perhaps someone you know is considering having renovations done in their home. A consultation with me before they start work with the contractor will ensure that their renovations don’t just look good but that they also accommodate the many uses and storage needs of each room.

Or perhaps a baby […]

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