If you have or are responsible for children you know how much comes along with them in a car! Having an organized car helps to ensure you have the essentials you need on a daily basis – no matter where you are or how long you are stuck in traffic.

The most important issue with storage solutions for children in cars is that they need to be easily accessible, within reach, safe, sturdy, and flexible in how and where you can use them. You also want to minimize the potential hazard of hard projectile objects that can cause injury in the event of an accident. So use organizers that safely and securely attach to your vehicle’s seats or floor – or travel with a soft-structured car organizer.

I try to keep the trunk for emergency storage and shopping. I have everything I need for “on the go” for children in the main body of the car. The after-market industry has done an excellent job of creating organization systems for the smallest of automotive spaces. More vehicle manufacturers are starting to address this, with purpose-built organization accessories that fit your vehicle like a glove.

Car trunks: Have a small trunk organizer for items that will always or seasonally remain in there – like shopping bags, blanket, emergency supplies etc. And then have another trunk organizer that accommodates your day-to-day needs. The trick is for it to be versatile – folded away if you need the space or made bigger if it needs to store more.

Back of seats: Try to keep this very safe. I have seen some that can hold laptops and act as a sort of desk and I worry that these could end up injuring if you stop suddenly. Use organizers that store securely.

On seat storage: These accessories are great because your children can easily access what is in them and they are very safe – particularly if you choose the soft kind and ones that secure to the seat during travel.

Garbage: I use a basic plastic bag but that is not a good idea with young children – the garbage needs to be secure, leak-proof, durable, able to be closed securely when needed, and fit in the back of the car where the children are.

Again all these options are soft – if you don’t need them and you want to make room for someone or something else then most of them can easily be stuffed under the seats, put in the trunk, or removed completely.

Don’t forget door storage – they are great for umbrellas, maps, tissues, and technology. And the sun-visor is great for storing all your insurance and identification documents – little hands can’t reach and remove! You can see photos and links for great car organizing on my Pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/isoldeon/blog-getting-organized-in-the-car/