Organizing a double move!

I sold my home and my new home awaited me. I was so happy and so looking forward to moving to my new home.  Just about everything about it was making me do a happy dance every morning in anticipation. Then I got the news…. the move-in date had to change!!! I had to be out of my place on the 1st of February and I couldn’t move into my new home until the 1st of March!!!  As luck would have it a friend of mine just moved into a new condo and her old one was still hers for the next couple of months so she said I could stay there. Perfect!!! It had no furniture but it had a roof, heating and running water.

I could not face doing two complete moves in the space of a month so I decided to go Zen and just move what I absolutely would need for a month into my temporary home and put everything else into storage. Then on the 1st of March everything will move into my new home. So I guess this will become more of a diary of two moves in month and what a Professional Organizer discovers about how much stuff she has and what she can live without.

STAGE 1: Purging

Before I packed anything, I went through everything, room by room (that means every book, every drawer) and I began the purge. I considered myself pretty “light” when it came to having stuff but I was surprised how much I had. Purging before you move and before you pack is so important. It can be hard to let go,in fact it’s the most difficult part of change. However it means you are not packing more than you need to be packing and it also gives you an opportunity to access how much you have and to start putting like with like. My “office” I must admit had spread to a couple of rooms. My coats, hats and scarfs had also taken up residence in a few places. None of these things were “thrown” of “stuffed” anywhere so didn’t really look like they were in the wrong place. Indeed they weren’t, but all my coats, all my scarfs etc were not all in the same place. And when you start packing you want to make sure you do pack like with like.