The NGO and Not-For-Profit industry is unique in the challenges it faces and the impact that disorganization has on it.  These are not normal corporate environments, staff regularly change, volunteers work there, and funds and resources are always too little. Of course they also have the same issues as most companies – too much work, too little time to do it and a working environment that is cramped and full of piles of paper.

I work with NGO’s and non-profits who are struggling  with organizational inefficiencies and overwhelm. I design the organizational systems that help them to be more productive, efficient and have greater impact with their resources  – without the burnout that often accompanies individuals who are passionately committed to what they do.

A few of my clients include the Bank of Canada, Evangel Hall, Oasis Centre Des Femmes, Save the Children Canada, and independent consultants for NGO’s. All these organizations hired me (and brought me back to work with other departments) not only because of the state of their office environments but because of the impact this was having on their staff and potential expansion. I work personally with managers and staff putting systems, processes and environments in place that were conducive to productivity and a healthy work place.




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