In my last blog I explored the different types of Organizational Personality Types. Today I am going to go a bit deeper and explore THE PILER.


As I said last time about the PILER: They don’t trust traditional filing systems, if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind and they worry they won’t find it again. So they pile.  THE PILER piles because traditional filing systems don’t work for how their minds organize information. THE PILER organizes chronologically not alphabetically. Also unlike the rest of us mortals “current” to a PILER can be up to three years ago! If they have a pile in their office it’s because that pile has something, some piece of information, that potentially holds an answer to something (another pile) they are working on now. Thus they can’t put it away yet – they still need it. The piling system of the PILER only becomes a problem for them when they run out of space to pile. They know exactly what each pile is about and when it was created… so don’t move their piles or they will have a panic attack as they won’t be able to find anything anymore. So when a PILER does finally file something away, it’s when it’s ready for archiving.

They think their “system” allows them the greatest flexibility in multi-tasking. They can dip in and out of the many projects and problems they are working on.

Next week I am going to explore the PILER further and discuss how they are perceived and the kinds of dynamics they create as a result of their piles. Stay tuned!