Today we are going to examine the Organizational Personality Type of the Piler Pet Owner and what their challenges might be as they organize their dog supplies. As their name suggests, they pile. Their piles are not random, the piles are not clutter either… they are organized and intentional. Pilers are not messy people, they simply don’t have a need for their organizing to appear tidy. We are going to look at why a Piler organizes in piles and what solutions will help them in decluttering and organizing for a new dog.

Unlike the Nester, with the Piler it is not so much what they store but how they store things. At the office, the Piler stands out because of their piles of paper and books. When you transplant a Piler’s style of organizing to a residential environment the paper and books are not the only things to be piled; food, technology, dinnerware, clothing. Open the kitchen cupboards of a Piler and you will be in awe over how they manage to keep everything in there – it all looks so precariously stacked and stuffed in together. Or take a look in their hall closet…. Yikes! It will be full and it will involve tactical manoeuvres to remove something without anything else falling or being affected. 

Of course, the Piler has no trouble at all retrieving anything, it’s a breeze to them. It is the other mortals in their home who will struggle with retrieving and returning a coat to the hall closet. When a Piler organizes their pet’s toys and supplies it is very important that they create storage solutions that work for all the family members.

Piler Pet Owner

The Piler is sequential and chronological in their organization of things. The hall closet is full because it is in the hall and everything that comes in from outdoors and is removed is stored in that closet. This could include but won’t be limited to coats (all seasons), jackets, hats, gloves, grocery bags, rainwear, shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, umbrellas, the bag of dry cleaning that is on its way out and of course the dog’s leash, the dog’s harness, the dog’s booties, etc.

Take control of those piles!

All logical things to put in your hall closet – so long as you have the room and so long as you can easily find and access them. And what if you don’t have a hall closet? What if where you store all your outer-ware and dog supplies is in the laundry room? Well, the Piler will pile things in the front hall – on a bench, the floor, the stairs… The Piler puts their coat on before they head out the front door, so the dog’s leash and harness will be stored near to where they exit.

The size of the space is not as important – they will fit it in there on top of what’s there and in no time at all, you will find precarious piles of things. Again this piling is linked to what happens and when – it’s a sequential storage solution. It all makes sense to a Piler – everything is exactly where they need it when they need it.

Pilers are not messy people they simply don’t have a need for their organizing to appear tidy.

So, the challenge with a Piler in getting organized for a new pet is about creating storage solutions that are accessible, efficient and that “flow” in the home and with the pace of their life – not just for the Piler but everyone else in the home.  Spending unnecessary time clawing through the hall closet looking for the dog’s harness is clearly not a great way to spend time. But more importantly when you are wading through a hall closet searching, and in a hurry, you will get anxious. And that is no way to start or finish your day. I have chosen the storage solution examples below because they allow you to organize sequentially. Drawers are always a good idea for Pilers too. And the main reason for this is that they can categorize their piles into drawers in an order that makes sense to them and others.

A chest of drawers converted into pet storage:

I loved using drawers as a storage solution for Pilers because they allow for ample storage, are easily accessible, can blend in with the décor of the home, are easy to keep stocked and clean, and of course, it allows the Piler to organize their pet’s supplies in an order that makes sense to them but can also be understood by others. Click HERE to see a really clever storage conversion with a chest of drawers.

Wall-mounted basket/hooks Dog supplies station:

This storage solution is also a great choice for Pilers. Wall-mounted storage is great for small spaces or homes with limited floor space, it is accessible, easy to maintain, economical to put in place, and again allows the Piler to organize the dog supplies in a tidy manner right where they want it. Click HERE to see an easy wall-mounted solution.

The Piler’s Pet Zone:

  • Shelf with baskets or a drawer unit for organizing supplies
  • Needs to be near the entrance that the pet uses
  • Needs to be organized by action: supplies for outside (walks and playing outdoors), grooming (nail clippers, shampoo, brushes) and toys, treats and food.

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