About 80% of the clutter in your home is the result of disorganization, not lack of space
National Association of Professional Organizers (2010)

Joanna Zuk
“Love our home! Feels like we got a new house…home now feels like a place we WANT to be, rather than a place we need to escape from!…. Understanding your clients so well and understanding how spaces WORK, not just look. A whole system plan, not just purging. Excellent first consultation and thorough quote.”

“Isolde and her team are definitely the people you want to have help you out. They are friendly, efficient, and get it done with as much or as little help as you are prepared to give. And suddenly your life feels less chaotic because your house is more ordered. I started with the basement and will be moving on with Isolde to other rooms that need attending. Soon my house will be neat and ordered and life won’t feel so complicated :)”

The home has undergone an enormous transformation over the years. Today it frequently serves as home office, gym, recreation centre, hotel, and a technological landmine of gadgets of all shapes and sizes. And, in houses that often are simply not designed for so many activities.  Large or small, one room or the whole house – this is where I can help. Offering a fresh, creative and functional approach, I help you navigate a clear path through the myriad of emotional connections, possessions and habits that challenge you, to achieve clarity and peace of mind and, simultaneously, a habitat that works for you.

Regardless of how daunting it may appear at first, home organization is possible – and sustainable. And believe it or not, it can actually be fun… not to mention energizing and empowering.

Together we can restore a sense of order and balance that will help you make use of your time and resources – in a more effective, efficient way. I can also resource the right contactors and vendors to bring in to help you.  Whether it’s finding the right painter, plumber, or handyman for you – I oversee the whole journey.

All my work is done as your partner, client and mentor – patiently, non-judgmentally, respectful of personal and private spaces and matters. Client information – business or personal, written or verbal – is always kept in strictest confidence.

Wardrobe/Closets, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements, Living Rooms, Craft rooms, Children, Attics, Garages, Garden Sheds, Storage Lockers

TAKE ACTION TODAY go from Clutter to Clarity!

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