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Tax time and organizing receipts for the entrepreneur

It doesn’t matter how organized you are, doing your taxes means two things;

1. Taking stock of the year gone by in a purely factual way. How did it all add up, how did all the work, the effort, the dreams and the disappointments – how did they all add up and what do they reveal on paper? When you look back and reflect over another year gone by it is with feelings. Tax time forces you, as a business owner, contractor and artist to reflect on the past year as the sum of its worth. There is a terrific opportunity here – it might not have […]

Filing: How I love thee, let me count the ways…

Filing: How I love thee, let me count the ways…

Well, as a new blogger, we may not know each other very well – but I’ve got a confession to make. I love filing! I am here today to declare my mission to make filing functional, fast and fashionable. That’s right – Functional, Fast and Fashionable! I love designing filing systems, I love shopping for that perfect filing cabinet, I even love file folders. Yes, file folders (I will write a whole other section on file folders one day soon and you will see why they are the best thing ever!). I’m having a love affair with filing, and I’m […]

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