Organizing your children for the summer

I wrote an article recently for Help We’ve Got Kids e-magazine (a great resource for working parents). With summer just around the corner this article is about organizing your children for the summer holiday. Here’s the link to the article:

And here’s the article:




Summer… ahhh… there’s a palpable change in the air – a feeling of lightness, fun, relaxation, and freedom from worry. For me, summer starts when school ends. The end of the school year, projects and sports press us for time resulting in a start to summer that is fraught with stress and anxiety. This year, get it together before […]

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“SEEING” THE SOLUTION… de-cluttering – not so easy – or is it?



De-cluttering a space is difficult because it’s not just about purging what you don’t need it is how to make what you do need “look” clutter free. With all the best of intentions, even buying the latest “organizing” gadget… You even purge everything you no longer want. And there you stand looking at your desk and no matter where you position the new paper tray … well it just doesn’t fit nicely and your desk looks even worse. It doesn’t even make it look organized! So you rearrange your lamp, move the pen, paper clip, and business card […]

Mumnesia or Societal Stress? My tips for overcoming new parent memory anxiety

As a parent, you may have experienced the panicky feeling before; suddenly you start forgetting simple things like names, tasks, phone numbers, addresses, or find yourself thinking “why did I come into this room?” And occasionally, a panicked feeling crosses your mind that one day birthdays and child-rearing memories will be gone. In my discussions with clients who are parents of young children, the inevitable “I think I have developed a memory problem” often slips out. I’ve heard “I think I might have Alzheimer’s” uttered under the breath of new moms too often.

It’s taboo isn’t it, to admit that you think you’re losing your memory… to admit your struggles […]

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