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Moving, Packing, and Moving again!… part 5 – laundry

Two weeks into my minimalist life – four to go. And I am noticing some things that I miss and forgot to pack for this temporary move. I wish I had my ironing board and iron. I didn’t think I ironed much. I don’t. But… and this is just plain dumb on my part. The clothes I put aside for me to wear for 6 weeks? Well, a good few of them need to be ironed.

The other thing is that when you only bring a limited amount of clothes with you… well you end up doing laundry more often. And guess what? Yep, no washing machine where I am. […]

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Moving, Packing, and Moving again… Part 4 Storage Lockers

I had never put anything in a storage locker before. A few friends said I could store stuff at their places. Which was so kind and generous of them. I am not sure why but I think because I am single most people assume I don’t have much stuff. Even my father asked why I needed to find storage “Sure, you only have a few belongings, why would you need to rent a storage unit?” I have to say I was dumb with amazement. “But Da, I’m 50 years old! I have lived in Canada almost 20 years, I’ve a lot more than a few things – I have […]

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Moving, Packing, and Moving Again… part 3 Packing

Yesterday, I spoke about categorizing and putting like with like. My move is very different to a normal move because I will be putting everything into storage for 6 weeks and living on the bare minimum. Today I am going to talk about packing. So as I saw it I had two challenges to solve:

1. Deciding what I would need for my 6 week zen experience

2. Making sure what I needed for the 6 weeks did not get mixed up with my other stuff and packed away.

I will interject here and explain why I had started the packing process so early. Firstly I […]

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Moving, Packing and Moving again! .. part 2 Categorizing


STAGE 2: The “like with like” process

I mentioned yesterday about putting like with like? When you have purged (through donation or recycling) everything you no longer need or want then the “like with like” or categorizing part begins. I will warn you now, that this is also going to create a bit of disorder in your home. It won’t be for long as this step is done just before you plan to begin packing up. But give yourself a few days to do it. While you were purging you will have begun this process as well. So for example I found some scarfs […]

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Moving, packing and moving again!!! Purging


Organizing a double move!

I sold my home and my new home awaited me. I was so happy and so looking forward to moving to my new home.  Just about everything about it was making me do a happy dance every morning in anticipation. Then I got the news…. the move-in date had to change!!! I had to be out of my place on the 1st of February and I couldn’t move into my new home until the 1st of March!!!  As luck would have it a friend of mine just moved into a new condo and her old one was still hers for […]

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It’s been quite a while since I wrote a post on my blog. I tried all kinds of tactics to get me to put “pen to paper”… even giving myself a whole day to write…. well let’s just say the house is really clean and all the blinds have been hand washed. Still no blog.

My mother died. Last year. It was such a shock, so sudden. I felt like an onion; every day a new layer of grief, of retrieved lost memories would unfold. It was all I could do to just keep going. And as an entrepreneur one has no choice. It’s my business, if I don’t work, […]

“SEEING” THE SOLUTION… de-cluttering – not so easy – or is it?



De-cluttering a space is difficult because it’s not just about purging what you don’t need it is how to make what you do need “look” clutter free. With all the best of intentions, even buying the latest “organizing” gadget… You even purge everything you no longer want. And there you stand looking at your desk and no matter where you position the new paper tray … well it just doesn’t fit nicely and your desk looks even worse. It doesn’t even make it look organized! So you rearrange your lamp, move the pen, paper clip, and business card […]




Really it’s all about perspective; how we see or experience something is not necessarily the only way or even, at times (like for me yesterday), vaguely realistic. It can be very frustrating not to mention alarmingly confusing when we find ourselves not being able to figure out how to organize our home when we seem to be able to have a perfectly organized office. Or when we were single somehow everything found a place but now that we are sharing our life with someone we find it almost impossible to even find a place for our tooth brush! […]

Time-Management – 4 applications that help you stay on time!

I received a comment from Angelina regarding her son the other day. She had so many appointments for herself and her son that it was difficult to keep on time and she asked me if there was an application out there that would help her.

There is SOOOOO much out there! The difficulty is in making a choice and deciding whether you want to pay for it or not. I spent some time looking at what is out there. What I found is only a fraction of what is on offer. And a small disclaimer here: I am not personally recommending any app. – they look good, they have a […]

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Time management – my top 4 tips on choosing the right system for yourself.

Are you're struggling with time, more specifically, the challenge with never having enough control over it and need to find a time management system? In my conversations with clients about solutions to time management issues, it’s the selection of the system (because there are a lot of choices out there!) that is the first stumbling block.

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