Fear and expectations and asking for help



I passed my driving test! First attempt too. When I reversed the car into the parking space at the end of my test I was almost sick with dread and shame. I dreaded being told “You seem like a nice person but you and driving? Yea not a good mix. You failed – but that’s a good thing as the world is now a safer place. All the best with being a passenger!” And I was full of shame because here I am a mature somewhat intelligent woman in my 40’s only learning to drive now. Particularly in North America […]

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Time-Management – 4 applications that help you stay on time!

I received a comment from Angelina regarding her son the other day. She had so many appointments for herself and her son that it was difficult to keep on time and she asked me if there was an application out there that would help her.

There is SOOOOO much out there! The difficulty is in making a choice and deciding whether you want to pay for it or not. I spent some time looking at what is out there. What I found is only a fraction of what is on offer. And a small disclaimer here: I am not personally recommending any app. – they look good, they have a […]

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Time management – my top 4 tips on choosing the right system for yourself.

Are you're struggling with time, more specifically, the challenge with never having enough control over it and need to find a time management system? In my conversations with clients about solutions to time management issues, it’s the selection of the system (because there are a lot of choices out there!) that is the first stumbling block.

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